Threats from Cyber Security

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Threats from Hackers can attack a computer network and gain unauthorised access to websites, networks E.g school network, websites, email accounts, twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.


A password that is easy to guess is known as a weak password. E.g a personal name, name of a dog easy to guess number Eg. 1234567.

A strong password is a combination of alphanumeric characters with at least one symbol and a mixture of upper and lower case with a length of over 8 characters.

alpha: abcdefg..

numeric: 1234

sybmbol: # ?

Good password: Awes2#qwqw

Removable Data Storage

USB memory sticks and hard drives can cause the threats of data theft and virus infection. E.g if working at home a teacher unknowingly passes a virus from an email onto the USB storage device


Software such as Microsoft Office, Windows Operating system can be attacked my malware. When this happens the software manufacturer finds the problems and creates a patch that users can download to protect their computers. That is why it is very important to continuously install updates to operating systems (Windows Mac OS, Linux) to keep your computer safe.