E: Fibonacci


Task1: Run the Fibonocci code in python IDLE

Copy and paste the code into IDLE and run
Copy and paste Fibonocci code

Task 2:

Create a folder in your ICT folder called ‘Fibonacci’
Right click the image below and save it into your Fibonacci folder as ‘bg’
Copy and paste the code below into python IDLE and save it in the Fibonacci folder
Run the program and try using other images

open fib2 code with background

This version references an image ‘bg.gif’
Find an image on Google representing Fibonacci, download it and name it bg.gif
Put it into the sam folder as the python program below and run

Task3: Create a poster collage

Using your Fibonacci program and images from Google create an information poster in Publisher on the theme of Fibonoacci
Examples below

You could change the Fibonacci program using ideas from the following website

Python Turtle Tutorial