How do I create a GUI Program?

How do I create a “hello world” program?

How do I add buttons, textboxes, checkboxes and dropdowns?

How do I format and change background colours?

How do I change the text?

How do I change the font?

How do I reset my Interface after it has been messed it up?

I’ve lost my toolbox! How can I get it back?

Why is nothing working

If your screen seems to be frozen and you can’t click on anyhting it is probably because you have forgotten that you are running the program. Look for the brown box to stop running so you can come out of running mode so you can edit

How can I change the theme?

Where are my VB projects stored and how can I open them after I have saved them?

If you look in your personal space on the home computer or schol network you should see a folder with the version of VB you are using, click on this and you go into your projects folder