A: Databases Introduction

We use databases every day for shopping, Searching but only 30 years ago Google, Amazon, Facebook and the millions of websites that use databases didn’t exist.

Yellow Pages

Ask your teacher to show you the Yellow Pages adverts on youtube we used to watch on TV. The haircut one is my favourite and Mr Hartley.

In the past every household would have a book called the yellow pages of indexed businesses in the area where they lived. If you needed a dentist you would get the book and turn to the ‘D’ page and look for Dentists to telephone them (we didn’t have email)

If you wanted a dentist in another city you would have to call directory enquiries and pay for the information (BT operator used a database to give you the inormation)

Today Yellow Pages has a website you can find a plumber or dentist very quickly and of course you can even find dentists in other countries using Google


Booking a Holiday

You are going to use websites on the Internet to organise a week holiday in a place of your choice]

This is a research project so do not sign up to any websites or give your email details

Create a powerpoint to screenshot all of your evidence for each of the tasks below showing the price. Create an Excl Spreadsheet to calculate the total cost of your trip. You will need to

  • book a flight for 2 (Expedia, Travago)
  • book a hotel or campsite (hotels.com, airbnb….)
  • book 2 1 day excursions (day trips: trip adviser)
  • buy the equipment you will need (sun tan cream, towels, swimming trunks, ski jacket..)
  • a nice outfit for going out with your parents at night (shorts, trousers or jeans, T shirt, shoes or trainers)

Excel Spreadsheet

Your Excel spreadsheet could look something like the one below. This example has not been finished


After finding your total spend set up a budget less than your total spend E.g if your are spending £6000 set your budget to £5500

Work out if you are pending more that your budget by taking away the total from your budget. Set up conditional formating so that if it is greater than 0 it will shade green or less than 0 shade red. If you are spending more than your budget see if you can find a better deal on a flight or a cheaper hotel or less on clothes so that your spend is less than your budget