Flappy Birds Style

Game setup

The game needs a wall block ball and a pole

Setting Gravity

We want the ball to fall with gravity. At 0 degress it will move right, 90 up, 180 left and 270 down.

So we set the gravity to 0.3 and direction(angle) to 270

Arrow keys for added movement

To work against gravity you can code the arrow keys for movement up. Also add movement to the left and to the right

Move the poles

Make the poles move left

Make the poles reappear

Constantly make the poles reappear

Restart the game

When the ball hits a pole restart the game

Add a scrolling horizontal background

Develop the game

Ideas for developing the game

  • add lives
  • add scoring
  • add levels to make it more difficult
  • shoot enemies to avoid collision and score points